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Atencion San Miguel

Atencion San Miguel                                                                                                                    October 2, 2000


The Insider’s Guide to San Miguel

- 2001 Now on Sale -


Archie Dean’s Insider’s Guide to San Miguel has become as much of a fixture as the equestrian statue of San Miguel’s hero, Ignacio Allende.  In fact, you could say (perhaps exaggeratedly) that you can’t live without it.  The 10th edition is now on sale.


Dean landed in San Miguel over seven years ago and started tramping around the streets in search of places to eat, places to sleep, places to enjoy what San Miguel had to offer.  He started taking notes and eventually friends encouraged him to publish his findings.  Consequently, the guide was born.


The new edition has been expanded to 250 pages, has 92 chapters and includes information on Dolores Hidalgo and Guanajuato.  New topics include mountain biking and bilingual schools and what is quite possibly the best guide to San Miguel’s ever-changing restaurant scene!


Dean is proud of the fact that he carries no ads in his guide and, by dint of pounding every street in San Miguel, discovers the small businesses that cannot afford ads, offering them a chance to be discovered such as----Mercedes and Miguel’s eatery, El Rinconcito, Martha’s official San Miguel “combat boots”(really sandals) on Reloj, Monica Juarez’ body massage and Angelica’s transportation services, to name a few.


The Guide is now on sale at the Biblioteca Publica’s La Tienda and over 30 other outlets around town. I.R. 


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